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New Year’s Resolution? Hypnotherapy Can Help You Smash It

“And suddenly you know: it’s time to start something new And trust the magic of new beginnings.”

Meister Eckhart

New Year, new you?

Big or small, New Year’s resolutions have the power to be potentially life-changing decisions. Naturally, such resolutions often require positive, but challenging changes to be made to a person’s lifestyle or way of thinking.

Both hypnotherapy and New Year’s resolutions share the same goal of creating a lasting and positive change. Hypnotherapy is therefore a fantastic approach to the important changes we commit to each January, and every New Year I have the pleasure of helping an influx of patients ready to smash their goals with the support of hypnosis.

Below are popular New Year’s Resolutions that hypnotherapy can help you to keep for good:

Weight Loss and Improved Fitness

An incredible 47% of Brits committed to weight and diet-related improvements in a recent YouGov resolutions survey!

How hypnotherapy can help:

  • Hypnotherapy can help to dissolve negative/unhelpful associations you may have with food that cause you to eat for any other reason besides experiencing hunger. A particularly powerful hypnotic suggestion often applied for weight management is “Food is fuel for the body, and nothing else.”

  • A Hypnotic Gastric Band can be virtually “fitted” under hypnosis to allow the brain to become more acutely aware of the amount of food it is ingesting. This treatment helps patients to understand and control portion sizes, whilst providing their body with the nutrition it actually needs.

Quitting Smoking

The number of people who successfully go “smoke free” continues to rise year after year. Though independently it can take an average of 5 attempts to successfully quit this habit, hypnotherapy can bring immediate change within 1 session.

How hypnotherapy can help:

  • A hypnotherapist will gather information about all known triggers for your smoking habit, be it places, times, activities, or people you often associate with smoking. Using hypnosis they will then break these associations so that your unconscious mind has no desire for a cigarette when next exposed to your previous triggers.

  • Hypnotherapy importantly also helps your mind to recognise that all nicotine “cravings” are purely psychological and that there is nothing within a cigarette that the body needs, or wants.

Overcoming a Phobia

Phobias can easily become life-limiting fears. A phobia of heights for example may prevent you from flying overseas for holidays, using glass elevators, enjoying a theme park, or simply visiting hilltops with outstanding views. When a phobia stops you from doing something others would regard as enjoyable, it may well be time to tackle it head on.

How Hypnotherapy can help:

  • A process known as Hypnodesensitisation can help to dissolve your fear entirely by using hypnosis to gradually expose you to multiple phobic situations in an entirely virtual and safe environment. Under hypnosis, these experiences are often relaxing and even enjoyable, allowing the brain to re-evaluate what had previously caused it fear.

  • EMDR alternatively is a technique that can help to shift even the most stubborn of phobias, or phobias with no known origin, by stimulating deeper levels of the unconscious mind and facilitate emotional healing.

Finding Self-Confidence

Perhaps you are ready for that promotion this year, but dread the interview panel ahead. Maybe you feel it is time to return to the dating scene, or simply join a new club and make friends. Finding self-confidence has the power to open many doors for you and ultimately transform your life.

How Hypnotherapy can help:

  • Hypnosis can guide you to explore and firmly acknowledge your natural talents, strengths, and personality traits that make you the interesting and capable person that you are. By redirecting your attention to your qualities, you mind easily bolsters your self-esteem.

  • Self-criticism or over-dependence on other people’s opinions can be challenged and significantly reduced using guided hypnotherapy protocols. The harsh “negative voice” in your mind can be ultimately transformed into your biggest fan and supporter.

Whatever your New Year’s Resolution may be, hypnotherapy can bring you focus, understanding, and powerful motivation to help you reach your goal. Contact the practice today if you too are ready for a New You.

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