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Hypnosis FAQs

Q: Can Everyone Be Hypnotised?

A: Anyone can be hypnotised as long as they are willing to be and are capable of holding attention. It is not recommended to hypnotise Psychosis patients for their own safety, however it is possible under special circumstances.


Q: Does Hypnosis Take Away Self-Control?

A: No. A hypnotherapist would never be able to force you to do anything, or go anywhere you did not want to in trance. Hypnosis helps your mind to open a door, however it is ultimately your decision if you would like to walk through it. Hypnotherapy helps you to feel relaxed and ready to do so, but can never force you.

Q: Can You Get “Stuck” In Trance?

A: No. Even hypnotised patients “left” in trance all naturally awaken within 20-minutes, as if stirring from sleep. It is always possible for the hypnotherapist to bring you out of trance.


Q: Will Hypnosis Make Me Reveal Secrets?

A: Hypnotherapy will help you to gain insight into your unconscious mind’s thoughts, and potentially reveal suppressed thoughts and emotions that can be healed and resolved. However, a hypnotherapist will never ask you to reveal anything you are not comfortable sharing, and can not force you to reveal secrets you do not want to share when under hypnosis.


Q: How Long Does Hypnotherapy Work For After Treatment Has Stopped?

A: In most cases the positive effects of hypnotherapy are permanent. Sometimes a patient may want to receive a “booster” of additional hypnotherapy, for example, a patient treated for water phobia may desire additional sessions to prepare for swimming whilst wearing scuba apparatus. Hypnotherapy does not need to repeated however to maintain its effect long-term.

Q: How Many Hypnotherapy Sessions Will I Need?

A: Only specialised treatments such as Smoking Cessation and Hypnotic Gastric Band Therapy require a specific number of sessions. The length of all other treatments is determined by the progress of each individual patient.