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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique is a non-invasive, gentle, and forgiving therapy inspired by ancient Chinese medicine. Affectionately known as “Tapping”, EFT restores emotional wellbeing by rebalancing the energies of the body through specific, rhythmical tapping on points of the body’s energy meridians. These movements are combined with deeply honest, accepting, and positive verbal affirmations that provide patients with the liberation they seek from an unwanted emotion or behaviour.


EFT has been developed from the perspective that emotional pain is not caused by a negative event, but the beliefs we hold because of it. These negative beliefs disrupt the “energy flow” of the body and can cause us to feel “stuck”, manifesting as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and other difficult conditions. The tapping movements and tailored verbal affirmations utilised in EFT help to soothe away the negative beliefs underpinning our present pain, and reinstate the natural flow of energy in our body.


EFT is conducted while a patient is fully alert, however many would describe it as a deeply relaxing and almost hypnotic treatment. The therapist will instruct you where and how to gently tap yourself, and mirror these movements with you throughout the duration of a session.


EFT is a suitable course of therapy for any of the following issues and symptoms and can be used in conjunction with hypnotherapy:


Anxiety  -  Phobias  -  Chronic Pain  -  Depression  -  Confidence  -  Self-Esteem  -  Stress  -  Nightmares  -  Habit-Breaking


£55.00 per 90-minute Session

£45.00 per 60-minute Session

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