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Could I be Ready to Quit Smoking?

“Oh you’re a hypnotherapist? So you help people quit smoking and… stuff?”

The above is one of the most common responses I receive when sharing my profession. Even those with very little knowledge of hypnotherapy are typically aware of how effective quitting smoking through hypnosis can be. This is likely because hypnotherapy has many advantages over other smoking cessation treatments, the key ones being:

· It is a rapid form of therapy that can require as little as 1 treatment session.

· It does not rely on pills or patches to gradually wean a patient off of nicotine.

· It does not leave patients with withdrawal symptoms.

The success rate of hypnotherapy can also be attributed to that fact that before a patient is treated for their smoking habit, they must undergo a thorough assessment to determine if they are “Ready”. This assessment checks if the patient is fully aware of the lifestyle changes they shall experience, and are importantly quitting for the right reasons.

Below are examples of the questions we ask smoking patients to consider. If you are a smoker wanting to make a positive change this Stoptober, ask yourself:

Which statement best describes how I feel?: I should quit / I need to quit / I want to quit.

If you are ready to quit smoking, you will want the smoke-free lifestyle. Feeling that you should quit is the first stage towards ending the habit, but knowing that you truly want to is a sure sign of being open to the change that hypnosis will bring.

Who am I quitting smoking for?

Hypnotherapy focuses entirely upon the patient’s personal goals. Smokers who are wanting to quit for themselves, and not simply a concerned partner/parent/child, are especially likely to be ready to quit for good.

How do I feel when I smoke at the moment?

Typically patients tell me they feel little to no pleasure when smoking, or are burdened with guilt as they stub out their cigarette. It is also common for patients to describe that the snippets of relaxation smoking gives them, are immediately lost and replaced by frustration, regret, or shame. If these feelings sound familiar, you are ready to do something about them.

How would life be better for me once I stopped smoking?

Perhaps your health concerns would ease. Maybe you will look forward to more years with grandchildren, or simply a loving partner. You would no longer need to mask the smell of smoke on your clothes, skin, or in your home. Perhaps you would not have to hide your habit from your children, or could spend the money you have saved on that big family holiday…

How would I feel about myself once I had stopped smoking?

This question can prompt incredibly motivational emotions. If you know that you would feel a deep pride in yourself once you had quit smoking, you are more likely to commit to hypnotherapy and strive for the marvellous changes in self-esteem that quitting will bring. Patients also commonly report that they would feel they had more confidence when facing other life challenges, knowing that they had managed to quit a long-term habit such as smoking.

If your answers to these questions have surprised or reassured you, it is the best of times to book an appointment this Stoptober. For those who remain unsure, hypnotherapists are also able to offer insight into the psychology of smoking behaviour, the reasons why alternative attempts to quit may have been difficult, and why the relaxing benefits of smoking are a complete illusion!

Contact the practice today if you are ready to be a non-smoker, or simply want to be. This Stoptober, live smoke free.

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