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Why Do Therapists Use Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression allows a person to enter a deep state of trance in which they can access memories of their former lives.

This remarkable but misunderstood technique is often popularised by supernatural thrillers or the horror movie genre; we have all seen the scenes in which a character is “possessed” or “haunted” by incarnations their former selves. However, connecting with a past life is far less chilling than what we see on TV. Past Life Regression actually provides several therapeutic benefits in hypnotherapy.

Most patients who have experienced Past Life Regression describe it as a nostalgic adventure full of both discovery and remembering. Discovery is a vital process in psychotherapy, and can therefore benefit the patient in the following ways:

Uncovering the origins of a phobia:

Some patients develop phobias with no obvious origin or reason. A person with an unexplained fear of heights may discover the trigger for their fear in a past life, especially if a former life ended with an unfortunate fall from a high place. Revisiting this experience in trance and allowing the patient to see the unlikeliness of the accident happening again in the modern world, can provide the reassurance needed for the phobia to be resolved and disappear.

Discovering past interests and skills:

Sometimes patients reach a crossroads in their life or find themselves asking “What next?”. This is often the case following a significant life change or personal loss. Exploring past lives at this stage can uncover a patient’s former hobbies, professions, and talents, inspiring them to rediscover these abilities in their current life. This technique can provide direction and new purpose for patients, and can be a valuable tool for those experiencing low self-esteem, depression, or loss.

Resolving a fear of death/dying:

Some studies have found as many as 1 in 5 people have a strong fear of death or dying. Often the fear of the unknown and what happens after the point of death causes a person worry or even a phobic fixation. Guiding a patient through multiple past lives under hypnosis can allow them to experience the point of death in a peaceful and safe environment, before being swiftly reborn into their next lives safe and well. This approach teaches the patient that death is nothing to fear, and that they have passed through this natural threshold countless times before.

Past lives can be experienced in trance from any time period of our existence in this universe. They are accessible regardless of a person’s age or personal/religious beliefs. If you think that Past Life Regression could uncover the resolution you seek, contact the practice today. You never know what you might learn from yourself.

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