Workplace Hypnosis is suitable for any team of employees wanting to maximise their motivation, sharpen their focus, and optimise their positive outlook while at work. Group Hypnosis sessions can provide employees with enhanced stress management abilities, boosted confidence in their professional skills, and a calmer approach to the daily challenges of business targets or workplace tasks.

Sessions take place within the working environment and can be delivered as part of a morning meeting or end-of-day debrief. During an initial consultation, the hypnotist will gain detailed information concerning the particular needs of each team of employees or workplace and devise a suitable session personalised for the group. The session will then be delivered at an arranged time and will typically last 60-90 minutes.

Workplace Hypnosis sessions can be delivered to kick-start an important business season, or to reward staff for recent successes. Sessions can be motivational, relaxing, inspirational or a combination of all three! See what your working team can deliver with the aid of powerful hypnotic suggestion.

Prices vary depending on group size and session length. Contact Nurtured Minds to make an initial enquiry here, or download the latest information brochure below.

This service is currently unavailable during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hypnosis for the Workplace brochure:
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