Relaxation Hypnosis Leicester

HypnoRelaxation events are designed for those seeking to indulge their mind with an evening of complete calm and serenity.  These enjoyable group experiences will allow you to escape the everyday chaos of juggling work, responsibilities, stress, and fatigue, by fully immersing your mind in a soothing, uplifting and nurturing trance state.

HypnoRelaxation is suitable for anyone in need of a “mental massage”. You will experience powerful positive suggestions of idyllic scenery and euphoric emotions. A guided hypnotic muscle relaxation is also included in the event to melt away the tension in the body, before relaxing and pampering the inner mind.

HypnoRelaxation can help you to feel revitalised, optimistic, calm, and refocused. Why not experience the tranquillity of HypnoRelaxation for yourself?

HypnoRelaxation is currently unavailable during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Relaxing Hypnosis Leicester HypnoRelaxation
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Relaxing Hypnosis Leicester HypnoRelaxation
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