Clinical Hypnotherapy

All courses of clinical treatments are subject to an initial assessment consultation to determine suitability for therapy.  During this consultation, an in-depth exploration of the presenting symptom or personal challenge will be conducted. A clear goal for therapy will be discussed and negotiated before the session concludes with an introductory experience of hypnotic trance.

Consultation fee: £45.00

Anxiety UK-funded therapy is available at Nurtured Minds for all who are applicable to receive help towards the cost of treatment from this mental health charity. Please get in touch for more information about funding and the referral process.


Living with heightened anxiety can make the simplest of actions feel daunting, and the future appear bleak. People suffering with anxiety regularly find themselves overthinking on matters that worry them, no matter how trivial they may be. Clinical Hypnotherapy can help to relax the mind and allow you to regain control over your negative thoughts. Throughout the therapy you will come to manage your anxiety by replacing negative thoughts with positive and empowering ones, and experience the benefits of restored self-control and confidence.

£55.00  per 90-minute session

Confidence and Assertiveness Therapy

Experiencing low-confidence or feeling unsure of how to be assertive can affect your social interaction on a daily basis. Meeting strangers, communicating with work colleagues, and taking part in group activities can seem too distressing or difficult to cope with. People with low self-esteem also typically feel unable to take on new challenges, no matter how rewarding they could be. Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you to recognise your strengths and silence self-criticism. Through trance work, you can learn to acknowledge your skills and not your doubts when facing social challenges, strengthen your self-belief and optimism, and importantly learn how to communicate effectively and appropriately.


£55.00  per 90-minute session 


The effect of phobias on our everyday lives can range from mildly-irritating to severely-restricting. The very nature of phobias causes us to avoid facing our fears whenever possible. This is never a long-term solution however, no matter how small or severe the phobia is. Clinical Hypnotherapy will help you to safely face your phobia and change your perceptions of what you fear most. Many patients even come to enjoy the stimuli they used to fear! Let Hypnotherapy help you to gain back control over your phobia.

£55.00  per 90-minute session

Weight Management

Whether you are trying to lose or gain weight, effectively changing your eating and exercising behaviour can be full of frustrations. A shocking study found that 95% of diets fail to produce lasting change. This is argued to be because they do not change your attitude to food and exercise, only your routine. However, Clinical Hypnotherapy can dramatically alter your perceptions of food, exercise, and body image by using powerful therapeutic suggestions that work on a deep level of the mind. This form of therapy is suitable for anyone who wants to make a positive change to their weight and feelings towards it.

£55.00  per 90-minute session


The persistent lack of good-quality, restorative sleep can negatively affect mood, the immune system, cognitive function, and physical ability. Many factors can contribute to insomnia, most commonly negative thinking and behaviour associated with sleep. Clinical Hypnotherapy aims to alleviate insomnia by psychoanalysing its causes before countering them with functional suggestions in trance. Such suggestions are designed to open the mind and body to sleep once more, allowing healthy sleep patterns to naturally return.

£55.00  per 90-minute session

Smoking Cessation

The health and financial advantages to quitting smoking are clear to see, yet the process can be riddled with infuriating disappointments. Smoking addiction is prolonged by physical cravings, intrusive thoughts, and social pressure. In trance, Clinical Hypnotherapy suggestions directly counter these experiences, and powerfully sharpen your motivation to quit. Through trance work, your mind and body will no longer enjoy smoking, and will prepare you for a smoke-free life.

£75.00  per 2-hour intensive session.

Pain Management

Living with chronic pain is extremely debilitating physically, mentally and emotionally. Equally, suffering from prolonged pain following injury or surgery, can negatively affect our perceptions of situations associated with the injury, or future healthcare procedures. Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you to successfully manage pain and once more allow you to live a satisfying life. Both pain and hypnosis operate on the level of the brain, therefore Hypnotherapeutic suggestions in trance can directly counter your experiences of pain, as well as your attitude towards it. The mind is a powerful tool; let Clinical Hypnotherapy help you to use it to alleviate your pain.

£55.00  per 90-minute session


Stress can arise from the pressures of work, relationships, finances and responsibilities. Although a small amount of stress is normal in our daily lives, excessive or pro-longed stress can lead to significant health problems. Stress typically becomes unmanageable when we are unsure of what to compromise, or can not stop ruminating about its source. Clinical Hypnotherapy utilises the relaxing effects of hypnosis to calm and clear a stressed mind. Once the mind is in a suitably deep trance-state, specific positive suggestions for managing the stressful situation are delivered to guide the patient to develop an effective and beneficial coping style. Stress-management hypnotherapy can be an extremely relaxing and useful therapy for those who wish to regain control of a situation that is troubling them.

£55.00  per 90-minute session

Sports Hypnosis

To reach your peak fitness in any sport, hours of physical practice at the gym, track, pool or studio are necessary. However, in order to truly optimise your sporting performance, your mind must be fully prepared and motivated to overcome challenges. Clinical Hypnotherapy in conjunction with normal sports training, can significantly improve sporting performance by focusing the mind and maximising motivation to succeed. Trance work can also help you to sharpen your technique, enhance your confidence in your ability, and learn to manage pain following sports injury. This therapy is suitable for anyone, professional or amateur, wishing to improve at their sport.

£55.00  per 90-minute session


Irritable Bowel Syndrome can manifest as numerous symptoms which greatly impact the daily routine. Abdominal pain, irregular bowel movement, bloating and nausea are but a few symptoms that can cause significant discomfort, embarrassment and low self-esteem. IBS suffers typically worry about access to toilet facilities, refrain from certain physical activities, and limit intake of specific foods. Clinical Hypnotherapy is recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (N.I.C.E) as an effective psychotherapy for alleviating both the physical and psychological discomfort associated with IBS. Hypnotic trance work can help you to manage bowel pain and irregularities, while restoring your self-confidence in relaxing and reassuring therapeutic sessions. This therapy is suitable for any severity of IBS.

£55.00 per 90-minute session


Many of possess habits that are charming quirks of our personality. However some habits can be undesirable, causing embarrassment and even health risks. Such habits include nail biting, pen-chewing, nervous tapping/twitching, unhealthy snacking, fast-food bingeing, excessive gaming, and emotional spending. Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you to regain control of a habit that is affecting feelings about yourself or quality of life.  When in trance, patients will receive tailored hypnotic suggestions to counter their urges to engage in the bad habit, and positive suggestions encouraging suitable alternative behaviours. Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you to let go of a habit for good.

£55.00 per 90-minute session

Hypnotherapy for Exams and Studying

Exams are designed to test our knowledge, memory and intuition. However the pressure that can accompany examinations also tests our emotional and mental resilience. Learning to manage stress and keep a clear mind when studying for examinations can significantly increase your chances of success. Clinical Hypnotherapy can prepare patients for examinations by utilising relaxation protocols to counter stress, combined with tailored suggestions to help boost memory and organisation skills. This therapy is suitable for anyone seeking assistance with academic or vocational exams, or simply wishes to de-stress during examination seasons.

£55.00 per 90-minute session

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