Patient Testimonials

"Jasmine is a genuine and honest therapist. My sessions with Jasmine and the  techniques she uses have a calming effect on me. I've learnt more about myself during our sessions, which has given me confidence in myself and helped me to achieve the positive changes I needed"


"Jasmine has a wonderful calm and friendly, yet professional manner that instantly put me at ease. She provided me with excellent practical, down to earth and helpful counselling as well as hypnotherapy which enabled me to change my life for the better very quickly.

I had suffered a panic attack and I felt completely out of control and swamped with everyday tasks, yet after an initial comprehensive consultation and just one proper session I felt like a new person!

I still use the lovely, relaxing techniques that Jasmine taught me to continue the good work and she is very quick to answer any further questions via email.

Highly recommended!

Thank you Jasmine"


“ I have suffered from a fear of heights since childhood. I booked a holiday to California this year, intending to also visit the Grand Canyon in Nevada. I have always wanted to fly over the canyon in a helicopter, but due to my fear of heights I was very doubtful about booking this part of the tour. Jasmine provided me with hypnotherapy to help me with this phobia. She was very professional at all times and explained each phase of the treatment. She also gave me “homework”, which involved visiting high places on my own to check what progress was being made. 


My experience of hypnotherapy was short but the results have been amazing! I took the helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon and did not feel at all apprehensive or anxious before or during the trip. I also went on the largest Ferris wheel in the world in Las Vegas and had no problems. Since the treatment I have also been able to visit other places with heights, such as castles, where I have gone to high places such as battlements and wall walks with no problems. I used to suffer from anxiety before even going to such places and if I found myself in a high place I sometimes used to suffer panic attacks.


Thanks to Jasmine, all of this has gone. I can thoroughly recommend her as a hypnotherapist who is highly trained and who really empathises with and treats her clients in a most professional way.”


Jasmine is very professional in her approach to her clients needs.. she took the time to understand mine and also incorporated things which were culturally important to us into our session.


Jasmine was very kind, calm and reassuring and I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting a different approach to their problems. 


"I would without a doubt recommend Jasmine to anyone!

From our first meeting together she put me completely at ease. She did not make me feel uncomfortable or judged in any way. I found it very easy to open up and talk to her about my problems in a calm and safe environment. (I suffered from general and health anxiety following a recent illness).

We discussed the treatment in depth and how she felt it would help me. And from our first session together I did notice a positive difference. I had in total 6 sessions with Jasmine. And now I can honestly say I’m feeling much better! More positive and able to cope with my life much easier.

Unfortunately there is no miracle cure for anxiety (or none that I have found!) but I feel I am now able to cope with whatever happens, and no longer feel overwhelmed by it. Which for me is a huge success!

During my time with Jasmine I actually turned my life around to become the sort of person I want to be, and a life I want to live. And I honestly don’t think I could of done that without her help and support.

I’m incredibly grateful to Jasmine for everything she has done for me."


The Hypnotherapist Jasmine has such a calming and relaxing effect on me, she gains rapport easily, and is very professional, you feel totally at ease with her. Her ability to ask relevant questions, and give guidance is amazing, she's provided me with practical, down to earth and helpful counselling as well as hypnotherapy which has enabled me to begin to change my life for the better.


I would recommend Jasmine to anyone who requires help or guidance in their life.


"This was a unique and very valuable experience, both exhilarating and thought-provoking. With Jasmine's help and expertise I have accessed parts of my mind completely unknown to me before.

I have gained such a lot in both mental and physical health as a result and am still enjoying learning more and more about the benefits of hypnosis."


“Following hypnotherapy at Nurtured Minds I scored in the top 2% of the country for my Fine-art GCSE (yay!). 

I would like to thank Jasmine for all of her help over the past year, I really mean it when I say that I couldn’t have got past a lot of my problems during GCSEs without our sessions.”


I got in touch with Jasmine because I had a phobia of spiders which was ruining and controlling my life and I really felt I couldn’t go on as I was.  I have always been afraid of spiders ever since I was a child, but usually had someone else around to deal with them.  Now living alone I had to do something as I was too afraid of sitting in my lounge in the evenings in case one ran across the floor.


Jasmine was confident from the beginning that she could help me. 


I really didn’t know what to expect as I had never had hypnotherapy before, but I was willing to try as I wanted to get over the phobia.  I won’t say it was easy as I had to look at pictures of spiders and talk about them, but after about 6 sessions I felt reasonably confident I could deal with the creatures.  My friends and family are amazed as I can now put a glass over any spider in the house and dispose of it outside.  This might not seem a lot, but for me it is a major achievement.  I now don’t sit or walk around my house in fear of the eight legged creatures.


Jasmine was always very professional, supportive and never judgemental and I really can’t thank her enough. 


Jasmine has a wonderful personality and she obviously really researches her topics as she was extremely knowledgeable about spiders. 


If you are thinking about hypnotherapy for any reason then give Jasmine a call and keep an open mind – I really can’t speak highly enough of her.



“Following numerous hypnotherapy sessions Jasmine suggested the possibility of EMDR therapy. I had not previously heard about this type of therapy but Jasmine took me through the principles and the technique used and proposed a few things to look at for reference. After reviewing EMDR online I was very keen to try these sessions with Jasmine.

I was a little apprehensive at the beginning of the first session but after a few minutes I relaxed and my thoughts started to flow. The feeling at the end of the first session was one of enlightenment and it certainly freed up thoughts that I did not know were locked away. The following sessions seemed a little easier too as I knew what to expect from the process even though I would not know what the session would unlock. At the end of the final session Jasmine talked through with me the summary of the journey through the EMDR therapy to bring the sessions to a satisfying conclusion.

I would wholeheartedly recommend EMDR therapy with Jasmine as an effective treatment for a healthier mind.”


Therapy doesn’t create painful memories. Therapy allows the pain you have been carrying around, come to the surface and be released. When you feel anxious or unsettled, it’s often because you haven’t clearly identified what’s bothering you. Hypnotherapy helped me to pin point what was really bothering me. When broken down through therapy,  I realised I was replaying corrupted scenarios created in my own mind through fear. 

Learning how to react to my emotions has been the most empowering and rewarding thing I have ever done. Avoiding your triggers isn’t healing. Healing happens when you are triggered and you’re able to move through the pain, the patterns, and your story and walk your way to a different ending. 

Don’t let your insecurities become the foundation of your child’s life. Break the cycle!


Knowing I was suffering with depression and anxiety I found medications from the doctors were not the way I wanted to deal with the depression.


Having nurtured minds recommended to me through a friend of a friend I was a bit sceptical as the only way I knew hypnotherapy was through the telly as a child. After my first session with Jasmine I soon realised that hypnotherapy was not like what you see on telly and that this is the way I wanted to tackle my depression and anxiety.  Hypnotherapy has given me the coping mechanisms that I was looking for to be able to deal with the grief from losing my mum. It is a natural process and instead of burying my feelings or masking them with antidepressants I have been able to deal with the emotions and work my way through it with Jasmine's help. If you are looking for a more natural approach I would strongly recommend hypnotherapy.


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